• Jon Lampel Bio

  • Posted on June 22, 2016
  • Jon Lampel, LeasEquip’s leader, has extensive experience in business and he knows what all businesses need, regardless of their industry or their size. That is because, ultimately, businesses have the same goal; to make as much profit as possible. In addition to obtaining degrees in law, finance and history, Jon has had a long career in the finance industry, first as a credit reporter for Dun & Bradstreet, a credit analyst with Crocker National Bank. Following Wells Fargo’s purchase of Crocker, Jon also had a long run with Wells Fargo Leasing Corporation, where he ran operations in a dozen states before leading the recovery of Topa Equipment Leasing. After he managed that, he and several private investors formed the company that would one day become LeasEquip, Inc.

    Since its founding in 1981 by Jon Lampel, LeasEquip, Inc., has used its own funding to provide hundreds of major commercial leases and loans. By using their own money directly, they are capable of partnering with organizations to get them the equipment they need without breaking the bank. Whether the need is starting up a business or for business expansion or consolidation, Jon brings decades of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers.

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